Digital Bakers ScaleIs using a digital bakers scale easier than a mechanical version? The answer to that depends on your personal needs and your preferences. Some people may prefer to use digital only because it is so much faster, while others are convinced that mechanical are just that much more accurate. It may depend on what you are used to or what you have on hand.

In most culinary schools, the mechanical version is used. The instructors feel that it is important to learn the valuable skill of using and calibrating the scale by hand. It might be slower, but it is also a valuable lesson to learn. Not all schools teach this of course, and in many restaurants, bakeries and other professional kitchens, the need for speed may mean the need to have a digital version on hand.

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One of the drawbacks to the digital model is the need for a power source, either AC power or batteries. When choosing your model, you have to consider that source of power. For instance, if it uses batteries, will it be a simple to find battery size and type or will you have to find a resource for a specialty battery all of the time? Remember, certain batteries have their own drawbacks, which can include high cost and short term life. If it is hard to find a particular battery, and the battery is more expensive and has a shorter life span, it all adds up to making that particular model lower on your list.

Read review sites for some valuable information and help in finding the right one for you. But, before you make a decision based on these reviews, consider the source. Remember that certain sites pay people to write reviews who have never even used the scale before. They are simply told whether to write a positive or negative review. Read a few reviews from a few different sites to get a more rounded view. Look for information on how long it has lasted as well as the actual discussions about the battery life if applicable.

Cleaning a digital model should only be done in the recommended way because otherwise, you will harm the components. The manual should have some information about cleaning and storing. It should also include suggestions for the best places to put yours – which might include away from direct heat sources. Many bakers rely on their scale to be the best in their field. Buying and maintaining your digital bakers scale is important to your baking success.

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